An Insight Into The Versatile Turapur Water Pitcher

vyvwater_pitcher_01-415x576Are you the one who consider bottled water to be the safest water? If yes, it is time to change your opinion. Bottled water is not a safer substitute for tap water. Bottled water still contains heavy metals and contaminants. Many research studies have shown that consuming stored bottled water result in health hazards due to the rapid growth of microbes. With the technological surge, there is a promising solution to the bottled water menace. The Turapur Pitcher is a versatile solution that ionizes water, improves its antioxidant potential and also purifies water. The numerous health benefits and eradication of diseases by consuming such purified water is significantly explained through Let’s have a sneak peek look into the manifold potentials of Turapur pitcher.

The need and science behind the Turapur pitcher
As a result of modern living, we undergo a lot of stress. The food that we eat is penetrated by harmful chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The environment that we live is polluted by innumerable toxic gasses. The water, the elixir of life is also contaminated by a number of sources. Therefore, it is important for each one of us to possess a powerful defense system. And the groundbreaking solution to this misery is achieved through hydrogen atom. Hydrogen is a powerful atom that can fight any number of strong oxidizing chemicals. In addition, hydrogen is beneficial to the human body as it does not react with other oxidizing substances.

Hydrogen being the smallest atom, penetrates through vital parts of the body such as mitochondria. Thus, this powerful atom has to be significantly delivered to the body. After several scientific studies, water was chosen to be the best medium for incorporating hydrogen into the body. Water being potentially contaminated by several sources requires proper filtration. Turapur water pitcher employs ionization as the key process to enhance the quality of water. Ionization is the process of conversion of an atom or a molecule into an ion. The process of ionization is facilitated through addition or removal of electrons. This releases the hydrogen atoms from water. The release of hydrogen atoms enables a change in the properties of water at the molecular level.

The workflow pattern
The simple Turapur water pitcher apart from purifying water also augments its taste. This process also incorporates antioxidants into water that reduces accelerated aging. Thus the Turapur water pitcher is a pioneering technology in terms of filtration and ionization of water. The Turapur pitcher features a very simple installation process. The pitcher has to be placed under the water spout. The water can then be turned on to fill the pitcher. Now it’s time for the pitcher to transform your tap water into a potentially powerful antioxidant rich ionized water. Another interesting feature is that the Turapur pitcher is BPA free.

This revolutionary Turapur pitcher is backed by a concrete research that incorporates standard scientific techniques. The scientific backing enables one to purchase this pitcher without much hassle. The Turapur pitcher also comes in with a three-year warranty for its varied parts. The filters of the Turapur pitcher can be replaced periodically. So, next time make sure to opt for ionized water through the Turapur pitcher.

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