Get Ready To Smoke Healthy!


Are you a smoker looking for the best vape mod? Traditional smokers who are intent on smoking their usual pack of cigarettes have now got the chance to shift to a better and much healthier alternative. The experts found at have now published some very interesting news. They have quoted sources at the Public Health England (PHE) as saying that they have found evidence to support the claim that the smoking of e-cigarettes are much less harmful to a person’s general well-being than smoking traditional cigarettes containing dangerous tobacco. E-cigarettes have also got the added advantage of helping smokers to quit smoking harmful cigarettes.

Smoking E-cigarettes have been found to be at least 70% better than smoking the usual ones. Tobacco products have long been considered as silent killers, causing a wide range of disorders. The most notable danger associated with smoking is, of course, the dreaded C-word- Cancer. This disease is a silent killer, and for traditional smokers, in can appear in many parts of the body like the lungs, mouth, etc. Often, the victims are clueless about their affliction till the very end. That is why traditional cigarette smoking has been either banned or restricted in many parts of the world. Several countries now impose tougher restrictions, like high import duty or even penalties, as a means to end the menace of smoking.

E-cigarettes are an effective means to curb the practice of smoking. Thanks to this brilliantly innovative product, smokers can now enjoy the relaxing puffs of pure smoke, instead of severely damaging their organs with the dangerous and poisonous plumes emitted from the ends of a cigarette butt. Unlike those old monsters, these trendy things do not harm the people who may be standing next to you. That is, there is no danger of inhaling passive smoke if you are in the company for a person using e-cigarettes.

Recently a well-known researcher into the effects of smoking Professor Ann McNeill of The King’s College in London recommended the use of vaping techniques as a means to let the old smokers smoke without the harmful effects of tar, etc.

If you are seriously considering giving this nifty little product a try, then we suggest you read this article carefully. There are some things you must be aware of before you head out to buy your first batch of e-cigarettes.

We recommend that new-comer to vaping try out the Box mods first. These are box-shaped vapers. Box Mods are really cool as they have a longer battery life and have controllable voltage and wattage. It is quite easy to control its temperature and is extremely safe and easy to use. It offers many advantages than the regular e-cigarettes and vape pens that are now available at the local stores.

Some of the best ones in the market are:

• The Eleaf iStick-Pico-TC.: Priced at an affordable $30, it has an output range of 2–10V or 5 – 50W.
• Joyetech Evic Vtc Mini Starter Kit: This is priced slightly in the higher range as it costs around $50. But it really is the best for beginners.

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