All You Need To Know About Growing Kratom


Being natives of Southeast Asia, kratom plants are related to coffee trees. These plants prefer a sunny and warm environment with fertile and moist soil. In the native environment, kratom plants can grow up to a maximum height of 50 feet and have wide leaves as well. On the other hand, growing kratom indoors in the cooler regions is a difficult task. There are some factors you need to keep in mind, so view it before buying a kratom plant. Get to know about the ideal environment needed for the plant, the factors involved in its growth, and more from websites like

The kratom plant is highly sensitive to cold temperatures. Even a bout of frost can be harmful enough to kill it. While some people tried to cultivate the kratom plant in the US, a majority of them have failed as the factors have worked against them. These days, you can find kratom seeds being sold online. Though they sell the kratom seeds, the retailers don’t tell you that it is extremely tough to grow the trees from these seeds. The kratom seeds are tiny and do not stay viable for long, especially with unsuitable soil.

The best way to buy kratom trees is to purchase the cuttings. Use the homegrown worm casting with potting soil as well as perlite. The original kratom plants grow up to 6 inches tall but you can get many cuttings from the plant to facilitate reproduction. It is too difficult for the propagation of the kratom seedlings. In case the process was successful, there is an array of other problems that enter the space. Apparently, the young plants are known to be extremely weak and are preyed on by pests and fungi. Though fungicides those are meant for horticulture can be of help, the odds of the kratom plant surviving these hazards are meager.

The next major problem involved in the survival of the kratom plant is temperature control. Kratom is a tropical plant, so it is sun-loving, water-hungry, and can’t tolerate cold conditions. Even older trees are prone to death if exposed to cold environments. In order to grow kratom in the U.S., you need to take complex measures for thermoregulation such as greenhouse growth or the usage of heating lamps. Having said that, you should know that these are not sufficient enough to make sure the kratom plant grows into a healthy tree.

If you somehow manage to grow the plant into a tree or near it, then you need to keep a few things suggested by experts in your mind. The first thing is that fertilizers are important to keep the plant healthy. The second thing is you need to monitor the plant constantly to make sure it has not been infested by parasites. If you are growing the kratom plant to make use of its leaves, then you need note that you need wind. The wind stress is critical to help the leaves form the necessary compounds for them. Greenhouses are pretty safe for kratom plants, but the presence of wind is important.

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