use SpiderWire when fishing

Fillets from flounder – this way of preparing fish surprised me a little and only after some time I fully realized the potential and practicality of this solution.


Now, thanks to the knowledge of the construction of fish bones we get rid of most of the skeleton, including most of the radial bones, and we should get a fantastic carcass. You can afford it without much prejudice in finance, especially with the below-presented fact in mind – currently the average price per kilogram of flatfish ranges between 2 dollars and on the other hand, fillets prepared in the manner indicated below can be bought for little over 4 dollars. They’re almost double the price for something that doesn’t take too much time – it all depends how much you value your time (and if you do, you will use SpiderWire when fishing). The most essential thing is an absolutely sharp knife, without which we won’t be able to fully prepare our fish. Arrange the underside of the fish, the white side on the board and put a knife to slit the board starting from the back of the head, we cut the head off, along with the entire abdominal section with fin and radial bones. Tail fin is left in the main carcass. This part after thorough cleaning can be successfully used to prepare the chowder (the same operation can also be done by laying the fish on the upper side, covered with bony plates). Then, in a similar way we cut the upper fin with the radial bones. Then, from the bright side (bottom), we cut the spine at the base of the tail fin itself (without crossing the skin) and with one stroke we take off the skin from the top, the dark side of a whole fillet. Through this simple process we get a beautiful fillet, ready for further cooking.

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