Best Tips For Smoking Marijuana


Has this ever happened to you? Whenever you get to smoke weed from the paper, it gets sticky and dirties the fingers. The main solution to this is the use of glass tips for smoking. The best use of a glass tip is that it can make you smoke till the very end when there is not weed left to take. The paper filters could cause harm to the lungs and throat, so glass tips come in handy. The distance between the cherry and you is more in glass tips, and this helps in lesser harshness on the throat, even when the joint is about to end. Most of the glass tips also have a glass in between that filters anything from your mouth to get into it. To know more about these, we looked into, and these are the top five tips that you could use.
· Feel tips give the user a very good and smooth smoking experience. A high-quality glass is used for making these tips. They are available in various lengths, and you can choose that which suits your style. The mouthpiece is usually a round or a flat one. Feel tips come in different colors and designs as well, making it a collector’s item as well. Mostly borosilicate glass is used for this purpose. All these have a filter to prevent any food items from entering into it.
· Two joint holders are also available in plenty in the market. You will get the advantage to using two different weeds at the same time. These are mostly made of glass, and hence it will be giving you a smooth hit. The glass ones are also easy to clean and maintain. These look like the English alphabet Y which uses two average size joints.
· Glass with a smokey tip is mostly used when you want to have a good smoke experience. These are about half the size of a lighter that is big. The glass is usually a bit pinched in between to prevent any small debris particles from entering the mouth. There are many colors to choose as well.
· Handmade tips are those that also use glass. These are more reliable and can give you the ultimate experience when it comes to smoking marijuana. The complete flavor of the weed is experienced by you without worrying about any small particles from entering into your mouth.
· Simple glass joints are the best in the business. These are also mostly handmade and are available in many stores. High quality and high resistance are the best features of using this type for your smoking needs.
Glass tips are mainly used by many as it keeps the hands clean. You will also observe that there is no odor in the hands after using these. The glass joints are very economical when you compare it with the other types that are used. The size of these joints should be carefully chosen so that it meets the safety requirements and also gives you the best feel.

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6 Easy Ideas To Help You Design Your New Home


A home is a place where one lives, either permanently or temporarily, as a member of a family. Each one of us has a home where we go to at the end of the day or after the end of the official travel. Building a home for ourselves is quite a task, as we need to consider the necessities of the entire family and also get it designed as per our likes. There are a lot of Custom Home Builders, Vancouver, and you can choose what suits you the best. We looked into and here are the top 6 design ideas for your new home.

Simplicity is the best policy
You do not have to look at expensive software or complicated terms in order to design your new home. All you need is just a paper and a pencil. Sit together as a family, have a brainstorming session, write down all the points in the paper and then sketch it as per your imagination. The best thing about putting down all the ideas onto a paper is that you will not miss out anything. In case you come across any new idea, you can always add it into the paper.

Plan for the future
Planning for the future is an important aspect that you have to consider when designing your new home. If you are single, do consider about your spouse, children, etc. In case you build your house in a hurry without considering all these, making modifications in the future might be more expensive than doing it now.

Keep nature in mind
Many natural things should be considered when designing a house. In case your house is located near a lake bed, then you should plan to have your bedroom and balcony to face it so that you can get a nice view. Similarly, you should make sure that a good amount of sunlight enters the house during the most parts of the day. The windows and doors have to be planned accordingly.

Make your priorities
There are plenty of ideas that will keep coming up when you start to design your home. You should be very clear to mark your priorities and stick to it. There is nothing wrong in making a few changes here and there to make the home look trendy, but stick to the basic features.

Room functions and pathways
The first plan that you need to make when designing a home is the number of rooms that you will need. Once that is in place, the next plan is to decide the functions of each room and the flow. You need to consider how the family will use these rooms and plan the flow as per that.

Pipelines and Electricals
The pipelines and electrical wiring have to be planned properly as the design should have these basic functions in place. You cannot have water pipelines and electrical wires crossing each other; that would be a disaster.

All the design requests have to be made right at the beginning, before the work actually starts. Making modifications, later on, would be time-consuming and also very expensive.

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