Budget Friendly Homemade Popcorn Makers

west-bend-82505-stir-crazy-popcorn-maker-300x300Owning a good popcorn maker can be such a blessing. It can certainly change the way you experience a movie at home. There are so many options available for buying a good popcorn maker that can accomplish this task. Which why it becomes very confusing to choose one for your home. Worry not! Popcorn Popper Hub rushes to your rescue by helping you to understand the best popcorn makers available in the market today. In this modern world, spending time with you family can be very difficult as discussed in this link http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2363193/No-time-family-You-Parents-children-spend-hour-day-modern-demands.html. Buying a popcorn maker and watching a movie with your family can certainly be good for you.

These popcorn makers are shortlisted by testing them and keeping a check on their price. There are many high-quality products that are available at a small cost and picking up one of the could be the right thing to do. Each popcorn maker has been reviewed extensively and their features have been considered as the top priority. Apart from the product that works well, products that can give you the best value for money has been considered.

Andrew James Red Hot Air Popcorn Machine
This low-cost machine by Andrew James will not disappoint you in terms of performance. This machine is built well and it is very sturdy. By giving it proper care and maintenance, it can last for longer period. One of the best things about this machine is that it is very small and does not take up a lot of space. If you have a small kitchen and need a small machine, this should be good enough. The outer casing is heat resistant. The lid on top is transparent, which helps you to see how much of the popping is done.

You get measuring spoons along with the machine. There is no need to use butter or oil which is why the popcorn is calorie free. It uses hot air circulation for popping the corn. You need to have a big serving bowl for collecting the popcorn. It is very tasty and the popcorn is crunchy as well. It is perfect when you are hosting a small party or a get together at home with your friends. Your movie nights can get only better after buying this popcorn maker.

Lekue 1-Piece Popcorn Machine
This is entirely different to the one discussed above. It has a collapsible tub that is made from platinum silicon. You can add the kernels as well as the flavors into the bowl and put it in a microwave. In case you are wondering about the effectiveness of this machine, during our testing we were surprised to know that it works very well despite our reservations. The tub does not get damaged and it does not leave any kernels unpopped. Within a span of 3 minutes, a large bowl of yummy popcorn is done. Since the flavors are also added before popping, it gets evenly distributed giving it a great taste. The device comes with a recipe book that gives a list of delicious seasonings you can add to your popcorn.

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